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SmartDock is a smartphone cradle installed on shopping cart handles allowing retailers and consumers to conveniently connect through mobile technology.

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Enable your consumers to easily access their mobile devices while enjoying hands-free shopping.

What is Smart Dock

With smartphones out of purses and pockets, retailers and brands can more effectively engage consumers, influence their buying decisions and drive incremental sales. Enriching your mobile strategy, SmartDock delivers geo-targeted, relevant promotional content transforming shoppers’ smartphones into dynamic digital marketing channels.

As retailers and brands continue to refine their mobile strategies consumer awareness and use has never been more critical.

Intuitively drive awareness and use of your mobile shopping app with SmartDock and accelerate the ROI of your mobile investment. The integrated advertisement placard serves as a friendly reminder to download the app and take advantage of all the valuable features and benefits.

what's in it for me?


Savvy retailers recognize the value of mobile technology and deliver tools to improve their customers’ in-store shopping experiences. A sound mobile presence is critical to a successful Omni-channel marketing strategy.

  • Add convenience to the in-store shopping experience.
  • Build brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.
  • Promote awareness, adoption and use of your mobile application.
  • Complement your mobile initiative with SmartDock’s mobile ad platform.
  • Establish an immediate mobile presence with SmartDock’s mobile solution.
  • Deliver targeted promotional content to a captive audience where they can act.
  • Influence buying decisions and drives sales.
  • Offer in-store mapping.
  • Distribute mobile coupons.
  • Promote loyalty programs.
  • Achieve an immediate competitive advantage.


Vendors and CPGs can get in the game to deliver their promotional message directly to the hands of a captive audience. Most purchases remain impulse decisions and SmartDock lets you connect along the path to purchase.

  • Deliver promotional messages to a captive audience where they can act.
  • Influence buying decisions and drives sales.
  • Create inventive promotions designed to engage the consumer.
  • Augment existing marketing campaigns.
  • Promote new and seasonal products.
  • Build product awareness and brand loyalty.
  • Offer BOGO, stock up offers, rebates, sweepstakes, move slow inventory.
  • Achieve an immediate competitive advantage.


Consumers today are short on time and money, and they actively look for ways to save on both. Armed with smartphones, consumers are looking for shopping experiences that better suit their needs and reward retailers that cater to them. By introducing SmartDock in your stores, you show you’re listening to your customers, improving their shopping experiences and facilitating mobile engagement.

  • Experience convenient hands-free shopping.
  • Access shopping lists and money-saving coupons.
  • Use loyalty programs and mobile payment options.
  • Check out product reviews and customer ratings.
  • Compare prices and search inventory.
  • Manage to-do lists.
  • Enjoy a more productive shopping experience.
  • Stay connected while shopping.

Consumers actively seek deals and SmartDock delivers!

Daily Deals

Simply put, SmartDock’s mobile-optimized ad platform is a product accelerator; a modern day version of the blue light special transforming the consumer’s smartphone into a digital marketing channel.

SmartDock delivers exclusive deals along the path to purchase and drives product sales. SmartDock is an exciting new alternative to traditional in-store promotions and places the power of mobile marketing directly between the hands of the consumer.

Whether they are promoting seasonal products, highlighting new products or driving sales of inactive inventory, retailers and vendors can tailor messages to achieve their desired goals.

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